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Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender with Cook Book, 22 Piece Baby Food Maker Set

Kit contains everything you need to make, store and feed homemade baby food
For different weaning stages adjust the blender to make 1st stage perfect purees, 2nd stage chunkier textures and 3rd stage mini-meals
Two blades: one baby blade for blending and one for fine milling of porridge oats or cereals

$59.99 (as of April 6, 2020, 6:06 pm) & FREE Shipping.


The Nuby Nursery Crisp Powerful Blender contains all you have to begin with making Baby Food Maker Set, putting away and taking care of new nutritious child nourishment at home, from ideal purees to hacked infant nourishment. Furthermore you can set aside to 70% off your child nourishment bill by making crisp nutritious infant nourishment at home (contrasting like for like plans from a main infant nourishment brand versus cooking from new). What’s more, the purees just take seconds to make!

For first stage immaculate purees essentially push the short cup or clump bowl into spot and hold. Or on the other hand utilize the processing cutting edge to finely granulate porridge oats or grains for first morning meals. For second stage chunkier surfaces, essentially push and heartbeat. What’s more, for third stage smaller than usual dinners basically push to dice. On the off chance that you are making purees to take care of straight away, utilize the littler limit short cup. Or then again in the event that you are making dinners to store or cooler for some other time, utilize the bigger limit clump bowl.

Baby Food Maker Set For making infant nourishment the pack incorporates: High Torque Force Base, short cup and bunch bowl, child mixing edge for fine purees and an oats/grains processing cutting edge, steamer bin for microwaving foods grown from the ground before mixing and a 2-Piece Cover.

For putting away nourishment the unit incorporates: a delicate tip spatula spoon (for scratching the bowl and stacking the capacity plate), a cooler plate with 9 compartments and 6 nourishment stockpiling pots.

For taking care of child the pack incorporates two since quite a while ago took care of taking care of spoons, a helpful nourishing aide and client definite manual/cook book.

Box Contains.

Strong Blender High Torque Force Base
Short cup
Huge clump bowl
Cover (with estimating cup)
Mixing cutting edge
Processing cutting edge
Steamer crate and base
2 x Since quite a while ago took care of weaning spoons
Cooler plate
6 x Cooler pots
Healthful Guide
Client Manual and Cook Book
Pack contains all that you have to make, store and feed hand crafted child nourishment

For various weaning stages alter the blender to make first stage flawless purees, second stage chunkier surfaces and third stage smaller than expected suppers

Two cutting edges: one child sharp edge for mixing and one for fine processing of porridge oats or oats

With steamer bin embellishment (that fits into the enormous bunch bowl), which can be utilized to steam organic products/veggies in your own microwave

Has both an enormous bunch bowl for making amounts to store for later and little short cup for making purees to take care of straight away



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